Frequently Asked Questions

How can Mail-Jetable help me?

Mail-Jetable will be very useful if you are tired of being inundated with SPAM on your personal email address.

You want to avoid leaving your Email on sites that may spam you or resell your address.

You will use it as you please.


How much does it cost ?

It costs you nothing, it's totally free


Do I have to create an account to use Mail-Disposable?

No ! Nothing to do ! All accounts already exist but no account really belongs to you. Just send an email to any address on Mail-Jetable and consult the corresponding box.

Only certain accounts are reserved for the system: catch, noreply, admin, contact, administrator, support


Who has access to my messages?

Only you have access to your messages because we block other users from using your email address for the next 7 days following the creation of your email address.


Can we send emails using Mail-Disposable?



What is the syntax of a temp mail address?

The syntax of a Mail-Disposable address is pretty much the same as that of any electronic mail address.

All letters of the alphabet, numbers, the characters '.', '-' and '_' can be used to form a Mail-Jetable account name.

Account name must be between 4 and 15 characters


How long are messages kept?

A message arriving on Mail-Disposable has a lifespan of 2 days. The email can also be deleted manually by the reader.

Mail-Disposable accounts are never deleted since they are never created either (they all exist).

Have another question? Contact us or open a ticket on our discord.